Portland Downtown/Old Port, a 501(c)4 nonprofit organization, is in the business of maintaining a clean and safe Downtown/Old Port while building and promoting a vibrant business, residential and tourism destination.

We support economic vitality while improving the quality of life for residents, employees and visitors. Our 5-Year Strategic Plan includes four focus areas:

  • Downtown/Old Port Vitality — We actively promote and drive business to the Downtown/Old Port region through powerful print & online communications and major community events like the Old Port Festival and Merry Madness.
  • Downtown/Old Port Experience — We keep Portland safe through our cadet program and improvements to street lighting & signage. We create cleaner, more welcoming spaces through landscaping, graffiti removal and repairs to aging sidewalks and tree wells.
  • Growth — As Portland’s Downtown/Old Port expands organically, so too does the organization’s reach and constituency. We are committed to deepening our impact through strategic planning, collaboration and efficient operation.
  • Advocacy — Portland Downtown/Old Port assumes a leadership role with regard to all issues that impact the future of Portland. We often serve as the voice of the Downtown/Old Port community, ensuring that needs & concerns are addressed fairly and in a timely fashion.