Portland, Maine has become a thriving culinary destination, with over three-hundred locally owned and operated restaurants, pubs and culinary-based retailers on the peninsula alone. Maine Foodie Tours proudly introduces our guests to some of our favorite local entrepreneurs whose businesses offer creative epicurean delights and delicious educational opportunities. Maine Foodie Tours offers an array of culinary tours in Portland throughout the year including the:

  • Old Port Culinary Walking Tour
  • Lunchtime Lobster Crawl
  • Happy 2-Hour Tour

We curate a seasonal boat tour that takes guests out on the Casco Bay paired with dining and imbibing experiences to one of the Calendar Islands. You can also join us for the Happy Lobster Traps and Apps tour where you’ll join the crew of the Lucky Catch for a how-to course lobstering 101, and local seafood appetizers! Private group tours for special occasions and corporate events can be customized or based on any of our regular tours at any time of the year. Join us for a fun, engaging and above all tasty tour of Portland! Tickets may be purchased online or by calling us at (207)233-7485.