Levine Planning Strategies, LLC, is a Portland-based firm committed to building great communities. We work with developers to build positive relationships with municipalities, and with communities on planning for their future. Whether helping a developer coordinate a good concept into implementation, or working with municipal staff on their land use code, or helping a community develop realistic and dynamic policies and plans, we see the value of planning for developers, and the value of developments to implement plans.

We have experience working with developers to build a partnership with municipalities to complete successful projects that contribute to both the community and their bottom line. We also have experience in drafting and revising zoning bylaws and ordinances, especially in Maine. We also understand public finance and how capital planning, annual budgeting, and use of tools such as tax increment finance can be used for policy objectives.

Too often the relationship between developers, municipalities and neighborhoods are seen as adversarial. We help all parties find common goals that make plans and projects successful.