Enjoy 90 minutes of weightlessness and experience complete physical and mental relaxation.

Float Harder is Maine’s largest float center featuring 3 float systems in a brand new, comfortable relaxed atmosphere.

Floating takes place in just ten inches of water saturated with one thousand pounds of medical grade Epsom salt. This allows you to float effortlessly on the surface of the water, even if you can’t float in a pool you will float here. The water and the air are heated to 93.5 degrees, the bodies external temperature. Because everything is the same temperature after a short while you begin to loose the sensation of your body and have a hard time telling where skin ends and the water and air begin. The float systems have colored lights and speakers built in. You can choose from many different color and audio options including connecting your own device to listen to your own music. Or, you can turn the lights and audio off and experience a peacefulness you have likely never experienced before.

Though developed in the 1950’s as “sensory deprivation” “floating” as it is now commonly referred to has been growing in popularity across the country and around the world with float centers opening in nearly every major city.

Professional athletes, artists, musicians, soldiers, scholars, yogis, moms, dads, dreamers, thinkers, laborers, nearly everyone can find some benefit form spending time in a sensory reduced environment and taking some stress free time to relax and reflect.

Floating has been known to reduce blood pressure, inflammation, muscle tension, and lactic acid build up. It has also been shown to ease the symptoms of jet lag, migraine headaches, insomnia, arthritis, fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Floating also aids with physical rehabilitation, discomfort during pregnancy, mental clarity and concentration. All this while being great for your hair, nails and skin, reducing stress and helping you to discover a sense of well being.

After your float feel free to relax in our lounge, have a cup of tea. There are many places to eat or have a drink within walking distance as well as immediate access to the walking trails connecting you to the rest of Portland.

Hope to See you soon!