Making jewelry for people with active modern lifestyles is Cross’ greatest specialty. We know that a gift of jewelry holds meaning far beyond its beauty and size, and creating things that will last and be loved for years to come is our goal. We are passionate about the sparkle and brilliance of natural diamonds, and offer the finest quality in our engagement and wedding rings.

We are proud to offer the world’s largest collection of fine Maine tourmaline jewelry, reveling in the opportunity to work with these world-class gems mined in Maine’s western mountains.

In sapphires, our goal is to offer bright, brilliant blues, as well as all the “fancy” sapphire colors that give you the chance to wear the color you love, with the hardness that makes it ideal for active lives.

We are truly inspired by the beauty around us in nature, and especially here in Maine, and offer designs that speak to all who love Maine and spending time here.

Visit our website to see what we make, and check back often, as we are constantly completing new pieces and adding them on-line.

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